Rethinking and Redoing Publishing

We’re disrupting traditional notions of publishing in academia.

The founders of Edulogue are all published authors of book chapters and academic articles.  We know firsthand about the grueling process of submitting, revising, and resubmitting manuscripts to publishers, who seem disconnected with the writers.  Traditionally, educators get paid nothing for contributing book chapters and articles.  As long as our books sell, Edulogue gives contributors and editors a payment–the more books that are sold, the larger the payment.  We also use our books to run campaigns for social causes. In the case that an editor or contributor cannot receive payment, we will provide a gift or support in some form in appreciation of their work.

Submitting to an Edited Volume

Periodically, we send out calls for proposals and submissions.  Check back with us.

Editing a Volume

If there is a topic in education of particular interest to you, and you would like to be the editor of a volume, let us know.  As the editor, you would take the lead in sending a call for proposals or submissions, selecting and reviewing submissions, corresponding with the authors to arrive at finalized manuscripts, and putting together the volume.  You design the book cover, or ask someone to do it for you–it’s all part of collective knowledge construction.  We would publish the volume as an e-book, offering it on our website, usually alongside a related campaign where a portion of the proceeds would go to a social cause.  Let us know if there’s a particular cause that you would like to be promoted along with the book.

If the above sounds great to you, we would love to read your proposal for an edited volume.  We employ a friendly approach to publishing.

A proposal for an edited volume should include the following (500 words maximum please):

  1. Topic and significance
  2. Potential contributors (You could provide specific names or a general idea, e.g. secondary school teachers.)
  3. Book outline
  4. Audience
  5. How you will help promote the book
  6. Language (Include this point if the edited volume will not be in English.  As long as you’re prepared to conduct everything in a language other than English, you decide on the language.)

In addition to your proposal, please include your resume, CV, or link to your website to give us an idea of your professional background.  Send everything to support[at]

Submitting Short Articles or Multimedia

Our Articles section is devoted to short articles and multimedia related to any topic in education.  If there’s something you would like to promote alongside your article or multimedia piece, please feel free to include links.  We ask that you keep everything within reason.  After all, our unofficial motto is “play nice.”  Send your submission to support[at]

TESOLing: All about TESOL and Language Learning

TESOLing is specifically devoted to writings, curricular materials, and multimedia related to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and language learning.  Send your submission to support[at]

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