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Volume 1, Issue 1 (2014)

Volume 1, Issue 2 (2014)

About Confucius Says 子日

Edulogue has partnered with Teaching Chinese@Penn (TC@Penn) to offer Confucius Says 子日, a free Chinese-English bilingual e-magazine.

TC@Penn is a student organization at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.  The e-magazine, owned and managed by TC@Penn, takes a collaborative approach, in that every published contributor revises another writer’s piece of work and/or provides editorial assistance.  Confucius Says 子日 was founded by Wenjie Li, the 2013-2014 president of TC@Penn.  Wenjie Li and Mike Gimbel are the editors.

Call for Submissions

If you’re interested in writing and revising for the next volume of Confucius Says 子日, please email your essay on your choice of topic (within reason, of course), written either in English or Chinese to confucius.yue(at)gmail.com.

Essays written in English must pertain to China and/or Chinese language and culture in some manner.  Each essay should be 300-350 words or characters long. Please include the following with your essay submission:

  • your preferred name for publication (a pseudonym is fine)
  • a photo of yourself
  • an author’s bio of no more than 70 words
  • the language (Chinese or English) in which you’re most comfortable with when revising writing

You may also include images related to your essay and your email address if you would like it to be published in the magazine.  All citations and references, including those for images, should be in APA format.  Aligned with the collaborative spirit of the magazine, in order for your essay to be published, you must revise another contributor’s essay, in whichever language you are most comfortable with, e.g. if you’re comfortable with revising Chinese writing, you’ll be asked to revise an essay written in Chinese.  Questions?  Email confucius.yue(at)gmail.com.

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