E-collaboration in Teaching and Learning



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Editors: Lan Ngo, Susan Goldstein, and Lucy Portugal

Authors: Sunghee Shin, Anna Lee, Brian Howard, Michael Kroth, Clara Vaz Bauler, Dorothy M. Chun, Julia Galstad, Thomas A. Lucey, and Rena Shifflet

Description: Education can often be an isolating field where educators feel constrained to their classrooms or institutions and have few opportunities to collaborate with colleagues and learn from each other. E-collaboration may be a means for educators to go beyond the traditional boundaries of a classroom or school to seek a strong support network. Students also benefit from open lines of communication offered through methods of e-collaboration, as they may now extend their learning and work together in a mutually supportive manner. This e-book gives a voice to educators with the courage to try something new, and beckons other educators to embrace opportunities for innovative forms of e-collaboration, redefining the traditional classroom walls, with the aim of supporting learners.

Number of pages: 74
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Education in China and the U.S.: Perspectives from Chinese Graduate Students in the U.S.

Edited and written by graduate students of Chinese nationality currently studying in the U.S., this volume is in Chinese. More details to come.


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